The Vault Review


  • "Flexible, fun, open"
  • "Opportunity to do the work we love in the industry we love, increasingly global and strategic projects, people, people, people at all levels."
  • "Pharma focus, work-life balance."
  • "Working at an industry expert, being a part of highly interactive global team."


  • "Worsening work-life balance in comparison to salary."
  • "Data heavy industry."
  • "Compensation, higher role expectations not aligned with titles."
  • "Side HR benefits/perks."

The Buzz

  • "Market research."
  • "Data driven."
  • "Good at healthcare."
  • "Focus on life science."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: IMS Consulting Group is a firm whose reputation is on the rise, in a sector that is all but immune to recession. Indeed, with an ageing population placing ever more strain on them, Europe's health care...

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