About United States Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor labors for laborers. The department looks out for job seekers, workers, and retirees in the US. It works to advance work opportunities, improve work conditions, and protect retirement and health benefits. It helps employers find workers and tracks changes in employment, prices, and other economic measurements. The department also administers federal labor laws that govern safe working conditions, minimum wage and overtime pay, employment discrimination, and unemployment insurance. An act of Congress created the department in 1913. Hilda L. Solis was confirmed as Secretary of Labor in February 2009. The agency has a $53 million annual budget.

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United States Department of Labor

Washington, DC 20210-0001
Phone: 1 (866) 487-2365


  • Employer Type: Privately Owned
  • Director: Charles Davidson
  • Manager: Yvonne Knight
  • Branch Manager: Cindy Torrez
  • Employees: 17,200

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