What's up, DOC? At the US Department of Commerce (DOC), the answer to that question could go on for a while. A Cabinet-level department, the DOC is responsible for a variety of key government functions, such as fostering domestic and international trade, promoting economic growth and job creation, issuing patents, and supporting technological development. It oversees a dozen bureaus, including the US Census, NOAA, the EDA, and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Leveraging its bureaus it collects and analyzes economic, US population, and other data and serves as an advisor to the president. The DOC's budget is approximately $7.5 billion. The forerunner of the DOC was established in 1903.


The DOC operates through about 12 departments. These include the Bureau of Economic AnalysisBureau of Industry and Security, Economic Development Administration, Economics and Statistics Administration, International Trade Administration, Minority Business Development Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Technical Information Services, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, US Census Bureau, and US Patent and Trademark Office


The DOC's strategy for improving the economy involves partnering with business communities and industries to build products within the country, increase our exports, and suppor operations in the fields of advanced manufacturing. The agency is partnering with other industries around the world to attract investment in the US and to create jobs. 

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1401 Constitution Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20230-0001
Phone: 1 (202) 482-2112


  • Employer Type: Government Agency
  • Chief of Staff: Bruce H. Andrews
  • Deputy Secretary: Rebecca M. Blank
  • CIO: Simon Szykman

Major Office Locations

  • Washington, DC

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