House of Representatives, Georgia

The Georgia General Assembly, Georgia's legislative branch of government, makes the laws and sets the policies for the state. Consisting of a House of Representatives and a Senate, the General Assembly represents the needs and wants of Georgia's some 9 million residents. More than 50 Senators and some 190 Representative meet yearly to conduct business. Georgia's law-making process requires appropriation bills to originate in the House and both bodies' approval in order to become law. Members of both houses are elected for two-year terms in office. The state has an annual budget of about $18 billion.

House of Representatives, Georgia

332 State Capitol Sw
Atlanta, GA 30334-1600
Phone: 1 (404) 656-5020


  • Employer Type: Unknown
  • Assistant Postal Director: Malcolm Hall
  • Committee Chair: Lou Iacouvino
  • President: Scott Saulson

Major Office Locations

  • Atlanta, GA

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