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Where there's smoke, there's Philip Morris USA (PM USA). A subsidiary of tobacco giant Altria Group, PM USA is the #1 US cigarette maker. The company also dominates half of the nation's retail cigarette market. Its Marlboro brand alone accounts for more than 40% of cigarette retail sales in the country. Other brands include Virginia Slims and Parliament; its discount cigarettes are sold under the Basic and L&M names. PM USA also makes smokeless tobacco products, including Marlboro Snus. Altogether, cigarettes generate nearly 85% of its parent's revenues. Like industry rivals, PM USA faces declining cigarette sales volumes paired with rising state and federal excise taxes and FDA regulation.

Geographic Reach

Virginia-based Philip Morris USA owns and operates two tobacco manufacturing and processing facilities in the Richmond, Virginia area that produce cigarettes. The company also owns a research and technology center in Richmond.

Sales and Marketing

Federal regulations severely restrict the marketing of Philip Morris products. Banned from television and print advertising, the company engages in one-to-one consumer communications—which include direct mail, email, consumer websites and consumer marketing activities—with age-verified adults 21 years of age or older. At the retail level, it presents its brands to legal-aged tobacco consumers at the point of purchase.

The company's largest customer is wholesaler McLane Company, which accounts for more than 25% of Altria Group's sales. PM USA's Marlboro brand has been the best-selling cigarette brand in the US for more than 35 years. 

Financial Performance

While PM USA is the largest cigarette company in the US -- with total cigarette shipment volume of approximately 134.9 billion units in 2012 (down 0.2% versus 2011), it's the biggest fish in a shrinking market. While cigarette volumes continue their steady decline, smokeless tobacco products are gaining in popularity. Indeed, total smokeless products shipment volume was 763.3 million units in 2012, and increase of nearly 4% versus 2011. While parent Altria doesn't break out PM USA's sales, smokeable products accounted for 84% of Alatria's $17.5 billion in sales in 2012.


Philip Morris USA is facing increased competition from lower priced brands sold by other US cigarette manufacturers, as well as foreign tobacco companies. Indeed, shipments of its premium, market-leading brand, Marlboro, has slipped from 121.9 billion sticks in 2010 to 116.4 billion in 2012. However, its retail share has held relatively steady at about 42%. Despite the competition from lower-priced rival brands, PM USA hiked the list price on all of its cigarette brands by 12 cents per pack in December 2012.

PM USA maneuvers within a regulatory environment determined to discourage people from smoking. The passage of the Family Smoking and Tobacco Control Act by the US Congress in mid-2009 gives the FDA unprecedented power to regulate tobacco offerings, including the authority to regulate marketing, ban candy flavorings, and reduce nicotine in products. As part of new FDA health warnings introduced in 2011, PM USA saw the most significant change to US cigarette labeling in more than two decades. The move directed that the graphic pictures and text must cover the top 50% of packs (the top 20% of advertisements) effective September 2012.

Company Background

Altria has long tinkered with its tobacco business. The parent made its big move into the smokeless market in 2009 when it acquired  UST. In 2008 it spun off  Philip Morris International in an effort to separate its fast-growing international tobacco business from its lagging PM USA unit. 

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Philip Morris USA Inc.

6601 W Brd St
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 1 (804) 274-2000
Fax: 1 (804) 2744084


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • President and CEO: Cliff Fleet
  • President and CEO: Cliff Fleet
  • Chief Financial Officer; Executive Vice President: Howard Willard

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  • Richmond, VA
  • Richmond, VA

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