Alfred Kärcher's line of business is cleaning up. The company makes carpet sweepers, pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning equipment for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. It also manufactures professional car washing equipment and water treatment systems. Alfred Kärcher has subsidiaries around the world. The company does business in North America through Kärcher Floor Care and through Kärcher Residential Solutions (power washers for outdoor cleaning).  Brands include Century 400, Graco, Hotsy, Kärcher Cuda, Landa, Prochem, Spraymart, TecServ, Water Maze, and Windsor. Alfred Kärcher is owned by the Kärcher family.

The company's product line takes in the RoboCleaner, a robotic vacuum cleaner for the home that competes with the Roomba FloorVac from iRobot.

In 2008 Kärcher bought Atlantis International, a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of vehicle wash and water recycling equipment. Atlantis served as Kärcher's exclusive UK distributor of bus, car, and truck washing systems since 1996. Atlantis was established in 1989.

Alfred Kärcher products were used to clean the four presidential faces carved into Mount Rushmore. The company scoured Seattle's Space Needle tower in 2008.

Alfred Kärcher started the business in the 1930s, developing a smelter for hardening alloys; he died in 1959.

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4555 Airport Way
Denver, CO 80239-5801
Phone: 1 (303) 762-1800


  • Employer Type: Public
  • President: Axel Leschtar
  • Cfo: Peter Lynch
  • Ceo: Hannes Subert

Major Office Locations

  • Denver, CO

Other Locations

  • Fayetteville, AR
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Englewood, CO
  • Pueblo, CO
  • Blackwood, NJ
  • Camas, WA
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