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4.0 of 5 stars

Great culture and well led
December 2014 | Former Employee


Culture was very much based on diversity. It wasn't about "let's not talk about diversity to not offend anyone" but more about "let's talk about it because that's what makes us unique and gives us a competitive advantage"


It's big company - there are always downers when it comes to that. Change can be slow and sometimes you have to navigate not just solving a business problem but solving it through the constraints of bureaucracy.


I worked at a bottling plant for Pepsi right out of college and you could tell that they put a lot of emphasis in keeping college grads in the company and helping them grow into leaders. A few years in, I chased a good salary and left the company and wished I had stayed in Pepsi instead. Culture matters and I didn't realize that until I got out.

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