NORPAC Foods, Inc.

  • Overview

NORPAC Foods has built a business putting fruits and vegetables into portable packages. The company is a 240-member-strong, grower-owned cooperative that produces frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, as well as soup and pasta mixes. Products are marketed under the FLAV-R-PAC, NORPAC, WEST-PAK, Soup Supreme, and Pasta Perfect labels. It sorts, processes, and packages growers' products in processing plants located in the Northwestern US. NORPAC Foods sells its foods to US foodservice companies, retail grocers, club stores, and food makers. The company also exports products to Canada, Latin America, Puerto Rico, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. NORPAC Foods was formed by a group of Oregon farmers in 1924.

Geographic Reach

From its headquarters in Stayton, Oregon, NORPAC has operations in Hermiston, Oregon, and in Quincy, Washington. It boasts processing plants and warehouses in the Oregon cities of Stayton and Salem. Additionally, the company's transportation department is housed in Salem, Oregon, whereas sales and marketing efforts take place in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Sourced from 45,000 acres of farmland located in the Northwestern US, NORPAC and its associate farmers and processors produce more than 600 million pounds of products each year.

Sales and Marketing

US foodservice companies, retailers, club stores, and food makers purchase NORPAC's packaged products. It exports its products to half a dozen countries, such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Latin America, and Canada.

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NORPAC Foods, Inc.

930 W Washington St
Stayton, OR 97383-1501
Phone: 1 (503) 769-2101
Fax: 1 (503) 7691273


  • Employer Type: Private Cooperative
  • President and CEO: George Smith
  • President and CEO: George Smith
  • Senior Vice President Engineering: James Waters

Major Office Locations

  • Stayton, OR