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Great if you don't care

1.0 of 5 stars



- If you are young, male and do not know anything about anything, but couldn't care less, this is the place for you


- If you know what you are doing, you will either have to do everybody else's job, or will be pushed out in short order
- If you are female, don't even think about promotion, unless you can meet the other requirements, 120%: you do not know about anything, you do not care

Advice to Candidates

If you want quick advancements, and don't care that you have to trample over people doing your actual job for you, this is the place for you, as long as you are male. If you actually want to learn something and advance based on merit and knowledge, go somewhere else.

Kraft Heinz Experience

4.0 of 5 stars



-Great Exposure to Senior Level
-Opportunity in different areas


-Long hours and not challenging job
-Low compensation
-Low bonus

Advice to Candidates

Kraft Heinz is for the long term. Don't expect good salaries and bonus in the beginning.