Amy's Kitchen, Inc.

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Amy's Kitchen helps you stock your own with lots of vegetarian options. The company makes and markets more than 170 frozen and pre-packaged vegetarian meals and other food products using all-natural and organic ingredients. Foods from Amy's Kitchen are also a popular option for non-vegetarian, health-conscious consumers. The company's products include more than 88 frozen entrees, including pizzas, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, snacks, toaster pops, and veggie burgers, as well as canned soups, beans, chili, jarred pasta sauces, and salsa. Founded in 1987, Amy's Kitchen distributes specialty foods in North America through supermarkets, natural food and grocery stores, warehouse stores, and college campuses.

Geographic Reach

Based in Petaluma, California, Amy's Kitchen caters to US customers and consumers. Outside the states, the company makes its products available in Australia, Canada, China, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates.


Among the competitive frozen organic and prepared foods niche of the food industry, Amy's Kitchen holds a hefty 70% market share. To maintain its stake and keep sales revenue up while new entrants, such as Kellogg's Kashi, work to loosen Amy's foothold, the company has reached beyond the frozen foods aisle to get its products in the air and in restaurants. To this end, Amy's Kitchen supplies Continental Airlines with its products and providesDenny's Corporation and its 1,500 locations with its veggie burgers.

Company Ownership

Amy's Kitchen is owned and operated by founders Rachel and Andy Berliner. The company was named after their daughter, Amy.

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Amy's Kitchen, Inc.

2330 Northpoint Pkwy
Santa Rosa, CA 95407-5004
Phone: 1 (707) 578-7188
Fax: 1 (707) 5787995


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Kitchen Manager: Custodio Alvarado
  • Founder of Amys Kitchen: Andy Berliner
  • Manager Organic Agriculture: Tom Mello

Major Office Locations

  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Petaluma, CA

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