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Worst possible leadership, lackluster talent.

1.0 of 5 stars



I can honestly report that I cannot think of one single positive remark other than the quality of the food at the HQ cafeteria.


Worst leadership. Surrounded by a workforce of self-indulgent imbeciles and under-educated cheap warm bodies dozing in chairs. Forced to comply with the will of those who have power because of their leadership clique. Total disregard for innovation or leading practices. Every aspect of working at Freddie Mac is horrible.

Advice to Candidates

Keep looking - don't be fooled - if you hear good things, re-consider the source. Is the rave review coming from the University of Phoenix online bachelor grad who chain-vapes and wears pleated jeans and black sneakers to work? Is this who you want to be? Is this who you want to have to move mountains with daily? Can you speak the native languages of all the provinces of India? If not Freddie Mac is not for you.

Slowly coming of age

3.0 of 5 stars

November 2017 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


Work life balance, ease of work, not stressful, benefits improving


lack of resources, lack of training and development, too many c players

Advice to Candidates

Freddie is a fine place to work and easy place to stay; however, it is not very challenging although the organization is trying to change its culture to be more cutting edge - but it's a long road ahead.