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CSR Employment Review

2.0 of 5 stars



Two week long intensive customer service training in Dallas
Work hours in San Francisco is for the Asian Market so good for the non-morning person
Compete with fellow co-workers


Bi-weekly reviews
censors calls, emails and other communications to clients to be used during reviews
Managers are disrespectful to employees, one told an employee that he was giving "McDonald's service"
The company does not look highly on MBA degrees.
Not a lot of upward mobility
High turnover rate

Advice to Candidates

Need to pass a series 3 & 34.
Need to reach quotas to stay hired

A good company to start your career

4.0 of 5 stars



The work environment is really relaxed, but that does not mean all the employees are not motivated by any means. In terms of the benefits that are offered, they could be much better.


It seems that most of the people here came from an employee referral program or family members in fact, which makes it hard to grow here. That is why it is a good resume builder, but not a place to grow in ones career. Don't even get me started on what they pay...I could make more being a waitress.

Advice to Candidates

This is a good place if you are looking for good training. The staff do have a lot of patience and many great instructors. There is a good work/life balance that is hard to find at most trading companies. If you are focused on making the most money however, look elsewhere.