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*PRTM was acquired in August 2011, and now operates as a subsidiary of PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting*

"Even the most brilliant business strategies fail without the right operational strategy." So says PRTM's corporate brochure, going on to define a winning operational strategy as something that translates a firm's "direction into operational reality, creating strategic competitive advantage." That, in a nutshell, is what PRTM sets out to do for its clients: to gain an idea of a firm's overall direction and help them to reach their destination through innovative operational strategies for products, supply chains and customer experience. Of course, as a consulting firm, PRTM is a little more jargon-tastic than that, as can be seen from its full list of capabilities: "accelerating operational clockspeed, achieving sustainability, developing breakthrough products, driving asset utilization, driving top-line growth, expanding global presence, improving cost structure, managing organizational change, maximizing acquisitions and alliances, navigating regulatory change and strengthening customer loyalty."

The firm serves its customers from 18 offices in nine countries around the world, and maintains a footprint on four continents. Clients come from a diverse array of industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, communications and media, chemical and process industries, consumer goods, electronics and computing, energy, financial services, health care, industrial, life sciences, private equity, public sector, software and telecommunications.

When the bubble bursts, learn to swim
Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, Calif.) in 1976, the first two decades of PRTM's existence were spent serving the tech industry, including major firms such as Cisco, Texas Instruments and Sun Microsystems. The tech bust in the early years of the 21st century proved to be something for a wakeup call for the firm, however; seeking ways to maintain its revenue, it was forced to diversify its service offerings, and began by expanding into the public sector, automotive, life sciences, consumer products and global health.

Data crunchers
One of the core planks of the PRTM ideology is that benchmarking, analytics and frameworks are essential to driving improvements in operating performance. Having long practiced performance measurement in its work, it seemed only natural for the company to form its own enterprise to capture operational performance and best practice information. In 1998, the Performance Measurement Group, LLC (PMG) duly arrived, and has served over 1,000 companies with its operational benchmarking offerings since then.

PRTM helped develop the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model® (SCOR®) standard, which serves as the platform for its supply-chain management services. PRTM also took part in the founding of the Supply-Chain Council, an 850-member nonprofit consortium that maintains and promotes the SCOR open industry standard as a basis for achieving operational excellence. In addition, PMG provides SCOR-based benchmarking services that comprehensively compare a company's supply-chain performance, practices and operations complexity to other companies in their industry, thereby allowing performance objectives to be fully aligned with operational strategy.

Setting the pace
Another major PRTM methodology is PACE® (Product And Cycle-time Excellence®). The PACE framework attempts to create profitable growth by "introducing the right products at the right pace." PACE relies on a dense mix of data concerning schedule variance, time-to-market, pipeline throughput and R&D effectiveness. BusinessWeek has called PACE "one of the most successful and effective models of the product development process for technology-based industries."

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PRTM Europe (a PwC Company)

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