About Eroomsystem Technologies, Inc.

eRoomSystem Technologies is keeping tabs for hotels. The company provides computer-based refreshment centers for the hospitality industry. Its eRoomSystem products track beverage and other refreshment purchases and automatically charge lodgers' accounts. The eRoomSystem generates reports on sales statistics, inventory control, and restocking requirements. The company's other products include room safes that feature reprogrammable electronic combinations. Through revenue-sharing agreements the company installs its systems and takes a cut of the sales they generate.

Director James Savas and Ash Capital each own about 17% of eRoomSystem Technologies.

Company News and Press Releases

Eroomsystem Technologies, Inc.

150 Airport Rd Ste 1200
Lakewood, NJ 08701-6924
Phone: 1 (732) 730-0116


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Director: Dan Bird
  • Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary: David A Gestetner
  • Director: Lawrence Wein

Major Office Locations

  • Lakewood, NJ

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