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Wolfram Research believes that math doesn't have to be a scary proposition. The company develops mathematical software for engineers, financial analysts, researchers, and students. The company, part of the Wolfram Group, was founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987. Wolfram's core product is its Mathematica suite. That has fostered such products as webMathematica, for doing interactive calculations through a Web browser, and gridMathematica, for running the Mathematica software on computer clusters. In 2011 the company bought MathCore Engineering to expand its presence in the field of engineering with MathCore's MathModelica component-based modeling and simulation software.

Among its over key products is Wolfram Alpha, which is a kind of search or query engine of accumulated knowledge rather than Web pages. Dubbed a "computational knowledge engine" by Wolfram, users type topics, questions, or calculations into the query field and get back a specific answer, rather than a host of varying answers from a bevy of indiscriminate sources. Some queries, such as calculations, have a single definite answer, while vague queries may offer answers from a number of possible categories. It provides answers to questions for a wide range of areas from socioeconomic data to history, sports stats, astronomy, linguistics and about two dozen more broad categories. Wolfram Alpha Pro adds the ability to make queries with image inputs and file uploads.

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Wolfram Research, Inc.

100 Trade Centre Dr 6th
Champaign, IL 61820-6858
Phone: 1 (217) 398-0700
Fax: 1 (217) 398-0747


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Manager, Author And Publishing Programs: Maryka Baraka
  • Chief Executive Officer: Catherine Wolfram
  • President: Stephen Wolfram

Major Office Locations

  • Champaign, IL

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