About Intersystems Corporation

InterSystems serves hospitals, laboratories, other health care providers, and government clients with its flagship database software and associated products. Caché is an object database designed for high-performance handling of large volumes of transactional data. The company also offers an embeddable business intelligence product (DeepSee) for use with Caché, as well as an integration platform (Ensemble). Its two healthcare-specific offerings include HealthShare, which enables the creation of electronic health records, and TrakCare, a unified health care information system for use outside the US. InterSystems was founded in 1978 by its CEO Phillip Ragon, who owns the business.


InterSystems develops data management, connectivity, and analytics technologies that help its customers make sense of information in healthcare, financial services, government, utilities, and other industries. The company's technologies include DeepSee, which embeds real-time analytics in transactional applications; iKnow, which makes sense of unstructured data; Zen, which enables developers to build desktop applications with Web interfaces; and Zen Mojo, which is an extension of Zen that simplifies the creation of data-rich mobile and desktop applications.

An example of InterSystems software in operation is at the European Space Agency (ESA). It uses the company's Caché software in its mission to create a three-dimensional map of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. The database software collects and connects the massive amounts of information streaming in from the ESA's Gaia satellite.

The company's partners included Epic, Fiserv, GE Healthcare, 3M Health Information Systems, and Accenture.

Geographic Reach

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has offices New York City, Vienna, Virginia in the US and in 35 countries including Australia, the UK, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Israel, and South Africa.

Sales and Marketing

Customers include TD Ameritrade, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Belgium Police, and the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

Financial Performance

InterSystems reported revenue of $485 million in 2014, a 4.7% increase from the $463 million it reported for 2013. It's revenue has risen nearly 26% in the past four years.

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Intersystems Corporation

1 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02142-1356
Phone: 1 (617) 621-0600
Fax: 1 (617) 494-1631


  • Employer Type: Private
  • CEO: Phillip T. Ragon
  • CEO: Phillip T. Ragon
  • VP Finance, Administration, and Recruitment: Susan M. Ragon
  • 2013 Employees: 1,400

Major Office Locations

  • Cambridge, MA

Other Locations

  • New York, NY
  • Vienna, VA
  • Brasilia, Brazil
  • Bayonne, France
  • Nantes, France
  • Perols, France
  • Osaka, Japan
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