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Who will leave Epicor's management team next?

1.0 of 5 stars



This is difficult as there is little that is positive to say. Free coffee, flexible work hours, casual dress...


Donna Troy GM Americas sales bit the dust last week. Before that the SVP of marketing and SVP Asia were also removed. My guess is that Keith Deane GM of Intl will be gone shortly.

E10 is not selling well, management team looks like a revolving door, Apax is looking to sell and move on, their cloud offering is a disaster.

Advice to Candidates

Get rid of poorly performing staff. There are too many people there from the prior Activant company - especially in finance. And they continue to run the company like a little Mom and Pop shop - you need a new CFO to turn this around.

A company on a downward spiral

2.0 of 5 stars

February 2015 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Hire from wide range of educational backgrounds
Relatively good compensation and benefits
Good training
Amazing campus


Poor middle management
Unclear expectations
Poor internal support
Employees treated very poorly

Advice to Candidates

A company that is not growing well. Young, inexperienced managers not supporting their team. They have a strategy of squeezing everything they possibly can from employees at all costs. More than 3/4 of my hire class left within a year. If you get lucky and get staffed to a great team leader and good project team you'll probably have a good experience, but this seems increasingly rare. its sad for a company that used to enjoy very high employee satisfaction. My few friends who are left there are looking for exit strategies.