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look for employment other was I would hook before going back to this place

1.0 of 5 stars



Are you kidding me you go work there and see if they pay you... they say that they make 500,000.00 a year but can't pay employees


Everything was awful about this company no perks at all


iQor Holdings US Inc.Shoots v. iQor Holdings US Inc. Court File No. 0:15-cv-00563-SRN-SER

Staff: Lisa Burtch, Stephen Nicksic
Attorneys: Carl F. Engstrom, Tim C. Selander,Rachhana T. Srey

This is a lawsuit to recover straight time and overtime pay for call center workers employed by iQor. The Amended Complaint we filed on April 3, 2015 alleges that iQor uses a timekeeping system called TimeQey that systematically underpays workers employed as contact center agents, customer care agents, collections agents, new business agents, student loan agents, and sales agents (collectively, “CCAs”). More specifically, the Amended Complaint alleges that iQor’s timekeeping system does not pay CCAs for time when their computers are “idle” for two minutes or more, regardless of whether CCAs performed compensable work or should otherwise be paid for the time. In addition, the Amended Complaint alleges that iQor failed to compensate CCAs for the full duration of their rest breaks. The Amended Complaint seeks to recover unpaid wages at CCAs’ regular pay rate, known as straight-time wages, unpaid overtime wages, and other damages and penalties.

Nichols Kaster is working on this matter with attorneys Douglas L. Micko and Vildan Teske of Teske, Micko, Katz, Kitzer & Rochel, PLLP.

If you worked as a CCA—regardless of location—and were scheduled to work more than 40 hours in a week at least once in the past three years, you may have a claim for unpaid overtime wages. To assert a claim for overtime wages, you must complete a Consent Formand return it to us immediately for filing with the Court.

Even if you were not scheduled to work more than 40 hours at any time in the past three years, you may still have a claim for straight-time wages. Contact our case clerk, Stephen Nicksic at 612-256-3241 (or toll free at 877-448-0492 ext. 241

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