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FUJIFILM still has film in its name, but FUJIDOCS or FUJI INFO might be more apt. The company's imaging unit is its smallest, by far, making photographic films and papers, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment, and chemicals. FUJIFILM's main businesses, about 85% of revenue together, are document operations and information-related products and services. Its document business includes joint venture Fuji Xerox, offering copy machines, printers, and production services. The information unit provides medical imaging, large-scale printing, recording media, optical and flat panel display devices and components. Customers overseas account for about 60% sales. In 2018, FUJIFILM's bid to become controlling owner of Xerox was called off by Xerox.


The company's document solutions business generates 47% of revenue with information solutions accounting for 38%. The imaging unit provides 15% of revenue.

Document solutions includes the company's production services and global services, office products, and office printers.

Product groups in the information unit are medical and life sciences systems, products and services for graphic arts applications, flat panel displays, industrial products and electronic materials, and recording media and optical devices.

Imaging is a much smaller slice of FUJIFILM's pie now, about 15% of sales, though the company is still a major global force there. Photo imaging sells film, paper, chemicals, photo finishing, and lab services and electronic imaging consists of digital cameras.

Financial Performance

Revenue rose 2% in 2015 (ended March) from 2014. Sales increased for photo imaging, medical systems, electronic materials, and the document business. That was almost balanced by decreases in sales in the optical devices, electronic imaging, and flat panel display materials.

Net income jumped 46% higher with help from reduced research and developed costs in 2015. Cash from continuing operations dropped from 2014 to 2015.


FUJIFILM is making investments in three core markets: healthcare, highly functional materials, and document business. Particularly in health care, the company is looking to build its pharmaceuticals business and regenerative medicine businesses and maintain stable profits from medical systems.

Mergers and Acquisitions

FUJIFILM and Xerox had decided to combine operations through their decades-long joint venture Fuji Xerox, which sells office equipment in the Asia/Pacific region. The deal would have given FUJIFILM ownership with Xerox holding 49.9%. In May 2018, Xerox pulled out of the deal under pressure from investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason.

FUJIFILM acquired Cellular Dynamics International, , a developer and manufacturer of fully functioning human cells in industrial quantities to precise specifications, in 2015. The purchase provide FUJIFILM's with more advanced capabilities in its bid to build its life sciences business. It continues a series of health and life science related acquisitions FUJIFILM has made in recent years.

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Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

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