The Vault Review


  • "Hands down it's the people: everyone's so talented, intelligent and geared towards succeeding that it just motivates you"
  • "The opportunity to work internationally—it's a true differentiator among competing banks"
  • "The culture: more relaxed than most banks"


  • "Terrible reputation these days"
  • "Low morale given issues with compensation"
  • "Lots of cumbersome internal processes"

The Buzz

  • "One of the best investment banks out there"
  • "Good bank, successful, but a slaughterhouse"
  • "Coming out of the woods"
  • "Poor management during recent financial crisis"

Survey Says

Vault Verdict: Still a very prestigious firm despite recent scandals and less-than-stellar financial results, UBS Investment Bank typically looks to hire high caliber candidates from top-tier schools with a background in finance or experience in financial services. The bank's...

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