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Good pay and opportunities

3.0 of 5 stars

December 2017 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Competitive compensation, smart people, life balance, great opportunities for growth.


They are not the best at what they do in any field. A lot of legacy dead weight. Not diverse at all at the top so if you're not a rich connected French man, don't dream big.

Advice to Candidates

Besides having the practical basics locked down for whatever field you are in, the bank prides itself on being home to The highly educated and cultured. Be ready to talk about you're out of work interests. Make it high brow and about art.

Summer Intern Position - Commercial Banking

4.0 of 5 stars



The main pros of this summer intern position are the pay and easy timetable (essentially a 9 to 5 job). The pay is slightly above minimum wage. This is not too bad considering that the tasks given are not very complicated as usually back office oriented.


The main criticism I would have to give of this position and particular branch was the lack of organization with regards to the summer interns. It is taken for granted that an efficient summer intern should be a self starter and comfortable working without extensive guidance, however, the monitoring of the interns (and hence our ability to learn from the more experienced employees) was lacking.

Advice to Candidates

Depending on where you see yourself in future years and own professional aspirations, be mindful if you have an opportunity to intern there for summer. Although the money combined with the flexible hours makes it a good summer job, the opportunity to learn (especially if you are interested in a career in IBD) is very limiting.