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Great Firm

5.0 of 5 stars



Great people that really want to work together. Strong retail side is a big plus for entities wanting to access to the markets.


Some things do not move as fast as they should to keep up.


It is a great firm that offers a wide range of employment opportunities.


4.6 of 5 stars

Saint Petersburg, FL | 2010 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


Love the company, love the culture and respect teh management. A great place to work.

Executive in Retail Brokerage Services

3.3 of 5 stars

Saint Petersburg, FL | 2010 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


Overall, I enjoy working at RJ because of the opportunities to shape real change in the organization and the real appreciation for employee's family life. After several years at larger firms, I value the ability to work hard but also to nto feel guitly when I need to leave to do something for my kids. I am lucky that I have a fairy flexible role but that has been one of the best aspects of working at RJ.


The lack of clear direction and the unwillingness or inability of senior leaders to engage in real and productive debate about the future direction of the firm. We should be more open to challening the status quo and appreciate the we can learn from our competition even if we do not agree with their business model. Success does not always look the same but it alwasy has something to teach us. Questioning/Challenging the status quo does not mean people don't value the culture or the organization, in fact it is exactly the opposite. Those are the people that are really passionate about RJ success and want to be here for the long-term.


While there is a great deal of opportunity at Raymond James, the senior leadership team is not particulalry diverse in either experience or thought leadership. For the most part, they do not seek to challenge the organization or seek better wasy to do business even if it means stopping some current lines of business. I have been happy with the much better quality of life at RJ but the lack of real intellectual challenge and productive analysis and debate is frustrating.


3.2 of 5 stars



The culture, the art work, and being part of a growing and changing business on the brink of thriving.


Low pay. Reviews, bonuses and raises are likely unfair and too low. I've sometimes had a review done AFTER my raise/bonus had been decided by ranking me against my colleagues.


I like what I do. It's very difficult and not as (directly) rewarding. However, there are lots of indirect benefits that I get that you can't get elsewhere in the firm.

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