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Caveat Emptor!

1.0 of 5 stars

January 2017 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Excellent benefits package. Good allowance and funding for involvement in community events.


There are many people in key positions that lack the skills and experience in order to properly execute their responsibilities.


Caveat Emptor!

Rabobank is the most dysfunctional organization I’ve ever experienced

Loans take an incredibly long time to close; commercial real estate loans take anywhere from 120-350 days to complete. Employees have been told that this is a “temporary situation,” for the last 36 months. Many businesses have been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy with the unnecessary delays
Underwriting policies are the same for $50,000 loan as they are for a $5,000,000 loan
Quarterly commissions are inaccurate and paid late with absolutely no notice or explanation
Employee turnover is rampant. For Relationship Managers, 40% of the sales force left in 2016 and an even higher percentage in the underwriting department and branch locations
The client turnover is just as rapid as many clients are leaving due to delays caused by improperly trained personnel, defunct banking channels and inept leaders.

The loan processing department could be aptly described as a breathtaking Grand Canyon of incompetence. There is little or no accountability from the highest leadership all the way down to the temporary employee (whom is all they can seem to attract due the damaged brand reputation of Rabobank). Favoritism is rampant and many people lacking the proper qualifications occupy critically important roles. Ask any business client that took a loan with Rabobank from 2014 on and they will tell you the same thing, “The bank strung me a long and never followed through on our closing expectations. You guys almost brought my business to bankruptcy.”

The EVP who runs the processing department lacks the interpersonal and technical skills to manage the chaos. She sends these monthly “progress,” emails that were not unlike Robert McNamara’s reports on the progress of America’s involvement in Vietnam. Her declarations of service level agreements processing times, and funded loans are complete fiction and her inability to face the reality of her broken department, leads many to believe that she is in need of permanent rehabilitat