Peter J. Solomon Company

The Vault Review


  • “Analysts get a lot of responsibility and direct contact with MDs”
  • “High compensation for the hours worked”
  • “The collegial culture”


  • “Exit opportunities for PE/hedge funds not as good as at bulge brackets”
  • “Lack of a production team/not as much administrative support”
  • “No international presence”

The Buzz

  • “Strong boutique”
  • ”Past its prime
  • “Good, old school consumer shop”
  • “Who?”

Survey Says

Vault Verdict: Ranked No. 11 in the Vault Banking 50, Peter J. Solomon is one of the top advisory boutiques on Wall Street. As such, it recruits from a select group of top schools and is looking for intelligent, personable, hardworking candidates with strong...

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