Nomura believes it has unique potential. With a truly global focus and a spirit of innovation, it is aiming to become this century’s global investment bank. Wherever you join in the world, you’ll have the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages co-operation and collaborative decision-making.

As one of the fastest growing global investment banks, Nomura is rapidly becoming the new force in the industry. With the strongest of financial foundations, its entrepreneurial spirit allows it to seize the moment in ways that its competitors can’t. Right now, its people are helping to reshape international finance and define the new possibilities.

Nomura in Europe dates back to 1986 when it became a registered member of the London Stock Exchange. Much of its early work concentrated on providing clients with a unique view and access to Asian markets. While this still holds true, today the bank’s view is global.

Its network revolves around a hub of key centres covering EMEA and other territories, with some 4,300 people working across 18 offices. With over 70 different nationalities working in London alone, Nomura is a truly cosmopolitan community which shares a single vision: to put clients at the heart of its business.

Nomura's client-centric structure reflects this commitment. It is the only independent global investment bank providing in-depth networked expertise and local focus for clients. Since it first established a European presence, Nomura has often surprised industry watchers with strategic moves that enable it to give clients the scale and depth of services they need.

In October 2008, Nomura acquired the Asian and European franchises of Lehman Brothers. The company spent two months building new management and IT infrastructures to support its vision of being the top independent global investment bank.

Since this audacious move, almost 50 per cent of Nomura’s global wholesale revenues are now generated outside of Japan. Between December 2008 and July 2009, the bank moved from 84th to first position on the London Stock Exchange, complimenting its number one position on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Most recently, it has established Primary Dealerships in the US and the UK, as well as in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium and India.

Investment banking

Nomura’s Investment banking group provides a vast array of advisory and capital-raising solutions to corporations, institutions and governments around the world. It is expanding its businesses aggressively, providing high value, bespoke solutions such as financing and provision of currency and derivative hedging instruments. Recently appointed brokers to a range of FTSE 100 companies - including LSE, Tesco and Invensys - and advisers on some of the worlds largest cross boarder capital ratings and corporate financial deals, the bank sees this as the beginning of a period of incredible growth.

Global markets

Nomura's global markets business handles client transactions for corporations, governments and investment funds around the world. It also acts as market maker, trading in fixed income and equity securities, currencies, commodities and derivatives, as well as structured financial products. Since the Lehman Brothers acquisition, the bank has become a world-class player in both fixed income and equities. The firm’s market-leading position on two of the largest exchanges in the world gives Nomura unique insight into the flow of global capital.

Corporate infrastructure

Nomura’s corporate infrastructure underpins its success. These are the vital functions which support its business, enabling it to deliver innovative financial solutions that set it apart in the global marketplace.

Finance plays a critical role, providing business advice and ensuring control of the global franchise. This division also manages the bank’s funding and liquidity requirements and interacts with its creditors and rating agencies.

Operations handles the processing, control and settlement of all Nomura's transactions. It’s the support and control infrastructure that enables the bank to develop and deliver across the world.

Technology at Nomura involves working with - and designing - the IT and risk management systems that can give it a crucial, split-second edge over its competitors, as well as every other aspect of its global technology platform.

Company history

Look closely at Nomura’s history and you’ll start to see a pattern: a series of firsts. The bank’s story began on December 25, 1925, when the Nomura Securities Company Limited was incorporated.

  • In 1955, Nomura became the first company in Japan to introduce a computer system – a Univac 120
  • In 1981, Nomura's American subsidiary, Nomura Securities International. Inc., became the first Japanese securities company to gain membership on the New York Stock Exchange
  • In October 2008 Nomura acquired Lehman Brothers' Asia Pacific and European franchises, effectively hiring over 8,000 talented employees since October 2008
  • In July 2009, Nomura achieved no.1 ranking for customer market share on the London Stock Exchange
  • In March 2010 Jesse Bhattal was appointed as COO of the Wholesale Division, becoming Nomura’s first non-Japanese board member

Working culture

Nomura’s culture is different, characterized by courtesy, mutual respect and teamwork. Its people are smart and well-rounded, determined and approachable. When great opportunities present themselves, they are fluid and flexible, able to act fast and then enjoy the benefits. Put simply, Nomura has created an entrepreneurial meritocracy, with all the opportunity that goes with it.