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Solid Place to work

4.0 of 5 stars

December 2017 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Great management
Paid Vacation
Growth in company


Lower pay
Low 401-k match
Saturday Hours
Poor teamwork
No degree necessary

Advice to Candidates

Management does not always follow through on what they say.

Excellent Experience

5.0 of 5 stars

November 2014 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Management team is great; very nice and approachable. Training opportunities are available. The workday is manageable and fits well into a 8-9 hour day, which is not something every bank can say. Great culture at the bank, but definitely unique to M&T.


I was probably in a position where management was more accessible. My exposure and access was probably higher than the standard employee. Buffalo isn't the city for everyone. Not the most convenient if you need to run to the CVS downtown after 8pm (closed), but there's definitely restaurants and bars in all of the various neighborhoods that are available. And the Wegmans is 24 hours, which is fabulous.

Advice to Candidates

Definitely research the culture of the company. They have a specific culture, and it's not for everyone. It tends to be heavily collaborative, which is great, but if you're coming in from cultures like IB where it's competitive, this will be far from your comfort zone.