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LBG North America

1.0 of 5 stars



Benefits begin at day one.
Some team effort displayed if it benefits the person who is tasked with helping a new employee during onboarding process.


Hawkish managers
Unclear as to what role should entail
Maniacal senior manager that line manager is scared of

Advice to Candidates

Loud, open office environment.
Underpaid employees eating smelly fish for lunch daily.
Underpaid employees confronting new employees to ask them how much they paid for their lunch and other weird questions (pay your employees a decent wage and these things would not occur).

Summer Intern Group Audit

3.0 of 5 stars

December 2015 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


Relaxed culture
Not too much pressure
Good work life balance


Many people leave to go to better banks
In a period of change
Not a great training programme
Management varies in quality

Advice to Candidates

A lot of people use Lloyds as a foot into the banking industry, to move onto better banks later in their career

Mixed review- NYC office

2.0 of 5 stars

November 2015 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Great access to senior management, great work-life balance. Good benefits compared to peers. Lots of internal events to self-praise and pat each other on the back. Small bank in NY means you basically know everyone.


Little deal flow due to generally low commitments in lending group. When there is work, an insignificant amount of effort goes towards your job but more towards completing internal processes and attending a never-ending stream of internal meetings. Very beuracratic place where everyone is obsessed with titles and seniority. Never seen a place with more layers given the 60-80 front office staff and the culture supports a strictly inforced hierarchy. In general, hours are good across most teams(likely due to little deal flow). Many days could be spent doing little-to-nothing, resulting in junior employees having to create work out of thin air- which can be very frustruating. Compensation tends to be on the low end.

Advice to Candidates

If you can go elsewhere, go elsewhere. Othewise, good place to slowly learn the trade.