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Worst investment Banking Analyst Program

1.0 of 5 stars

December 2016 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Strong brand.

Good exit opportunities.

Good training program (because it was long, thus limiting time in my actual group).

Large bank with international scale and the ability to service the client's every need.


Sharper people at GS, MS, Evercore, Centerview, Greenhill etc.

Extremely political culture. Reviews are driven by favoritism versus work product. Associates and VPs in the investment bank are red tape that efficient analysts have to work around.

JPM loves to show their clients anything and everything, versus offering real strategic advice to their clients.


I strongly encourage you to go to a place with better culture, smarter people and equal exit opportunities. Names that come to mind are GS, MS, Evercore, Greenhill, Perella Weinberg and Centerview

Too Much Growth, Too Little Oversight

1.0 of 5 stars

October 2015 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


incredible company focus on savings of energy and cost-effective energy improvements for communities. A great graphs and charts company.


disconnect from front line employees. Unsure of what is happening at communities or what service clients expect for high rent rates. Very little confidentiality. All communication goes through management pipeline, and little is distributed below. There seems to be a resentment toward the employees who manage the day to day as opposed to those in the corporate office. Geniuses and brainstormers are needed, but these jobs are 80% perspiration and 20% inspiration. There is a serious shortage of "perspirers" in an environment based on exclusion.


assume you will be at this position indefinitely. The career path doesnt happen here due to removal of middle level management positions years ago. They are "thinking about" starting a manager training by the end of the year for hourly candidates. The company has been around too long to have quality of life in an infant stage. The positions in management slots are largely filled from outside the company. If you are content with your beginning pay and title, it may be a fit. There are huge gray areas in professional behavior.