J.P. Morgan Investment Bank (Europe)

Part of a giant

J.P. Morgan Investment Bank is a part of New York-based JPMorgan Chase & Co., a financial services company with $2.3 trillion dollars in assets and more than 240,000 employees that provides investment banking, asset management, private equity, and retail banking services to clients across the globe. On the investment banking side, J.P. Morgan offers M&A advisory, capital markets, prime brokerage, restructuring, risk, and research.  J.P. Morgan Cazenove is an established and highly respected investment bank in the U.K. It provides the full range of investment banking services offered by J.P. Morgan's global investment banking network. Through its corporate finance business, J.P. Morgan Cazenove is a financial advisor to U.K. companies on transactions both in the U.K. and abroad; this division offers M&A, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, corporate broking, balance sheet management, and investor relations services. Though based in the U.S., J.P. Morgan has some European roots. When J. Pierpont Morgan established J.P. Morgan & Co. in New York in 1861, the bank initially served as a New York sales and distribution office for his father's firm, J.S. Morgan & Co., an underwriter of European securities. In 2000, the Chase Manhattan Bank merged with J.P. Morgan & Co., and in 2004, Bank One and JPMorgan Chase joined forces, with the CEO of Bank One, Jamie Dimon, taking over the combined firm's reins. More recently, in 2008, JPMorgan Chase famously picked up its ailing competitor Bear Stearns. Although J.P. Morgan weathered the financial crisis better than most of its peers, a 2012 trading loss in excess of $2 billion tarnished the firm's relatively clean record. Today, J.P. Morgan's investment bank is headquartered in New York, and has additional major international offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Mumbai.  In Europe, its offices are locates in cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Frankfurt, Prague, Athens, Istanbul, Dublin, and Glasgow, among others. Some of the world's biggest firms are clients of J.P. Morgan.

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