Greenhill & Co., Inc.

The Vault Review


  • “Awesome culture”
  • “Great exit opportunities”
  • “Blue-chip clients and thus blue-chip transaction experience”


  • “Lean deal times”
  • “Mediocre benefits”
  • “Not as well known as some of its competitors”

The Buzz

  • “A very good boutique”
  • “Some people have been unhappy there compared to some peers”
  • “Good in M&A”
  • “Heard good things”

Survey Says

Vault Verdict:  Ranked No. 8 in the Vault Banking 50 and No. 9 in Vault's Prestige Rankings, Greenhill is one of the most highly respected, well-known investment banking boutiques in North America. Since the firm is so prestigious (and small compared to...

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