The Vault Review


  • “Exceptionally talented people, and the team-oriented culture is amazing”
  • “Career progression opportunities: mobility opportunities, and the ability to learn from colleagues inside and outside your department”
  • “Prestige/reputation of the firm”


  • “Long working hours”
  • “Stress levels, intensity, pressure”
  • “Talented people who can be very headstrong”

The Buzz

  • “Iconic; best in class (and they know it)”
  • “Hard culture, no social life”
  • “Technical forerunners in finance”
  • “Jobs there are highly sought after”

Survey Says

Vault Verdict: Goldman Sachs is widely considered to be the most prestigious investment bank not just in Europe but also the world. As a result, the firm's hiring process is very rigorous and competitive. Candidates will meet with a lot of people, and the...

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