The Vault Review


  • "Flat management structure: it's easy to get face time with senior leadership and your ideas and opinions heard"
  • "Camaraderie, good teamwork, fun environment"
  • "Location: Washington, D.C., is probably better than NYC"


  • "Earnings stream at the firm is unpredictable"
  • "Compensation is lower than at Wall Street peers"
  • "No specific [formal] training"

The Buzz

  • "Niche player"
  • "Are they still around?"
  • "Known for their research"
  • "Never heard of it"

Survey Says

Vault Verdict: FBR is looking for creative, hungry, team-oriented, and energetic self-starters. Those hired will receive a Wall Street experience while living in Northern Virginia. Indeed, FBR is a great place to begin a career in banking or sales and trading, and the firm gives junior...

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