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Working in HR for a bank

3.0 of 5 stars



Good salary. Also, a good community feel, although I suppose that's part of my job, to make sure there is a community there.


Long hours. Can't get past this. It's definitely something I can't deal with or stand - I'm more of a work to live kind of person and I want to spend time with my family and friends.


Prepare yourself for a bit of an old boys club, but lots of nice people there. I was on the right side as a woman in HR - I wouldn't want to be a female banker though, it's incredibly cut throat.

DB Group Finance

4.0 of 5 stars

February 2015 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


Flat organization gives a platform for continuous advancement. Low bar so easy to shine.


Weak financials pose a challenge for promotions. Very little subject matter experts. High volume of consultants replacing permanent positions.


Process improvement background is a plus. Bear in mind there is a strong push to move functions down to Jacksonville, FL.