Centerview Partners

The Vault Review


  • “Working on high-profile and challenging assignments”
  • “Extremely competitive compensation”
  • “Great colleagues”


  • “Long hours at times”
  • “Resource constraints”
  • “If you are positive that you want to stay in banking for one to two years and then move to PE, it’s probably not the place for you”

The Buzz

  • “These guys are on fire right now”
  • “Small team”
  • “Great pay, good culture, best boutique”
  • “Newer firm, strong boutique”

Survey Says

Vault Verdict: Though Centerview is a newer firm compared to most of its investment banking peers, it is one of the best firms to work for in the industry. It's also one of, if not the highest paying firms in the industry. In fact, Centerview ranks No. 1 when it...

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