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2.0 of 5 stars



our team was very good, everyone was backing for each other; targets always met


mangement was quite poor and self centred, with no real company commitment

Advice to Candidates

try to get in touch with folks that work on the floor where you like to go and get informed

Fannie Mae's new tag line “To be America’s most valued housing partner” Oh come

1.0 of 5 stars



Salary good with some good benefits thrown in hear and there


Appraisal Review requires Hours worked for production, Collateral underwriter AKA: CU is a Glorified AVM developed by an appraiser in the DC/VA area that believes adjustments are derived basically on housing in his (neck of the woods) and within the program ** see magnifying glass near the subject GLA and site size adjustments which will show you the peer average adjustments and then the model or CU’s adjustments which on average range from 20-60% higher than the OA or the peers. Go figure.. Fannie Credit Policy is changing so fast you can hardly blink, one moment we were told to write a moderate defect for example, (Failure to adjust the comparable sales for GLA, parcel size, room count, sales or financing, etc.) Per Credit Policy; Do not cite a defect if analysis determines that the deficiency does not negatively impact the appraised value. But wait Credit Policy says if it does impact the value, was the MTC aka Minimum Collateral Threshold supported? So now you take the loan amount and divide that by the maximum allowable LTV and now we get a value much lower that is acceptable by Fanny standards. But if that home owner goes to sell, say in 6 months and says to the Realtor my house is worth this much $$$$ and the realtor says No, it’s worth this much $$$, the home owner is already underwater!

Advice to Candidates

Don't! Fannie laying off and heading to DC.
Looking in DC? OK because that’s all they , Tim Mayopoulos talks about, every day on the computer screen, look at our new digs, look what we are going to build, look at the plans. We are going to be something! Yeah you’re something alright. Your cutting jobs from REAL Appraisers and going to Automated software that you think will be the answer to the US housing market? You want to be Americas housing partner? You’re taking it down, not up with Integrity! Is what you’re doing

Wonderful Company Culture

5.0 of 5 stars

December 2014 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


We benefit from being part of a large, stable global firm but the NY office still has the entrepreneurial feel and energy of a start-up. Our US CEO is a great leader and the senior management team are a stable and cohesive group who generally inspire a feeling of good will towards one another which has a ripple effect on their respective staffs. The company attracts top talent with drive and enthusiasm to continue the trend of growth experienced these last 5 years. Great benefits and lots of parties!


Our colleagues in our home office of Amsterdam are good people but can sometimes over-engineer and micro-manage US decision makers. They need to trust us more to do our jobs and know our markets.

Advice to Candidates

Submit your resume to HR @ us.humanresources@abnamro.com
Even if they don't have current openings, they really DO keep resumes on file for future reference.