Caterpillar Inc.

The Vault Review


  • The Caterpillar name has strong résumé recognitions for future job applications
  • Good pay and excellent benefits


  • Location: Those unwilling to move to Peoria, IL-or overseas-will likely miss out on the best opportunities and challenges
  • Job security: While the firm has weathered the recession reasonably well, another downturn could jeopardize revenues, leading to layoffs.

The Bottom Line

  • Employees can fall through the cracks and find it difficult to move up at Caterpillar. However, the benefits of working for this industry leader greatly outweigh any drawbacks.

Career Advancement

Since the onset of the recession, the company has been working with state governments to fund training programs aimed at giving unemployed workers the skills to work for-you guessed it-Caterpillar.

But the firm's commitment to training doesn't end when the government subsidies...

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