You could say that the Young Pecan Company is a shell company but in a good way. Relieving some 100 million pounds of pecans of their shells every year, the company is one of the largest pecan processors in the world. It has state-of-the-art laser shelling operations in Las Cruces, New Mexico; Florence, South Carolina; and Zaragosa, Mexico, as well as buying operations and storage facilities in Albany, Georgia. Farming no nut orchards of its own, Young Pecan purchases pecans from growers located near its plants. It sells its shelled pecan products to mainly domestic and international food manufacturing companies, with some distribution in retail food outlets. The company was purchased by the King Ranch in 2006.

As a subsidiary of King Ranch, Young benefits from King's deep pockets, marketing expertise, and the association with the King name as a solid and long-standing provider of quality goods and services. Seeking to diversify and expand its agricultural holdings, the King Ranch chose Young Pecan because it operates in the nut industry and companies in that industry do not participate in farm subsidy programs and also have little to no competition from foreign markets. Headquartered in Florence, South Carolina, Young Pecan was founded by T.B. Young Sr. in the early 1920s.


5757 Main St Ste 205
Frisco, TX 75034-3256
Phone: 1 (843) 664-2330
Fax: 1 (843) 664-2338


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Employees: 35

Major Office Locations

  • Frisco, TX

Other Locations

  • Las Cruces, NM