Southern States Cooperative, Incorporated

Founded to provide affordable, high-quality seed for Virginia farmers, Southern States Cooperative has grown into an agricultural powerhouse, serving its more than 200,000 member/farmers, mainly in the mid-Atlantic and southern US states. The co-op makes and/or offers just about everything agricultural to its farmer/owners, including animal feed and fertilizer; seed processing; grain marketing; equine health; diesel, propane, and home-heating services; wholesale farm supplies; financing; and even bib overalls. Its Southern States and Garden South stores sell farm supplies, garden products, and fuel through its retail outlets. Other services include crop services and an aquaculture program.

Geographic Reach

The cooperative, based in Virginia, serves 10 core states, catering to members and non-member customers in 23 Southern States through 1,200 retail outlets.


Southern States Cooperative operates 200 company-owned retail stores, managed cooperatives, and agronomy facilities. It enlists the help of a private dealer network of nearly 300 locations to distribute products throughout the Southeastern US.


Southern States Cooperative has grown to become one of the nation's largest agricultural cooperatives. To serve its core agricultural customers, the co-op established a new Agronomy Business Unit in 2013. The move involved reorganizing its Wholesale Crops Division to consist of 67 retail stores located in more than a dozen high-volume agronomy districts.

To note, demographic shifts are taking place across the cooperative's region. Among them is urban sprawl, which continues to extend into rural areas of the country. As a result, the cooperative has increasing numbers of rural, rural-lifestyle, and suburban customers looking for the same crop-growing services and advice it provides to its members/farmers. To target this new segment and translate its efforts into sales, it maintains a country living/rural lifestyle section on its website.

Company Background

Southern States Cooperative was formed as the Virginia Seed Service (VSS) in 1923. In 1930 VSS changed its name to Southern States Cooperative.

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Company News and Press Releases

Southern States Cooperative, Incorporated

6606 W Broad St Ste B
Richmond, VA 23230-1717
Phone: 1 (804) 281-1000
Fax: 1 (804) 2811141


  • Employer Type: Private Cooperative
  • President, CEO: John Adent
  • Manager Modular Planning: Bonnie Baty
  • Chairman: John East

Major Office Locations

  • Richmond, VA
  • Richmond, VA

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