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SSC R2R Function- Worst team in Monsnato

1.0 of 5 stars



Few people are good in this team. Good Company but negative Image in Public


Worst Management in this R2R team, lot of politics, Doing Favourism based on language & physical appearance. Most of the time they are interested in knowing the team members personal things,gossips rather helping them to improve and grow. Due to this lot of attrition in last 2-3 years(But they provide different valid reasons to US). HR is dumb and dancing to the tunes of these managers. They don't deserve to work in Monsanto. Not sure on what basis they recruited with such a high salary and due to this they put pressure on Team members who are drawing high salaries to manage their budgets. I felt like I was in a hell and faced all the above problems hence I quit.

Advice to Candidates

Learn to Respect your people, Eliminate bucketing on the floor indeed do not entertain. You grow first and get your review done from external vendor, then you can advice to people. THE WORST TEAM EVER I WORKED IN MY CAREER LIFE. Thank god I am not part of this team now.

Efficient and capable team workers

5.0 of 5 stars



Processes are efficient. Not too stressful. People are very capable and good team workers. Free coffee. Good Infrastructure. Well managed.


Expansive parking lot. People think you are a villain. Marches against Monsanto.

Advice to Candidates

Dedicate some time to seek problems or oportunities that the company may be facing. Don't hesitate asking questions to get past the surface answers. Show efford and intrest in learning more

Contact consultants

2.0 of 5 stars



Pay is fair, provides all materials including Laptop and work stations no need to find a cube everyday.


Very closed culture 70-20-10 mentality... they want more follower the Innovators. Not a diversity population tend to hire young and Stay young. Contractor are sign and spark plug replace fast and often, No opportunity for older consultant to become full-time employee.

Advice to Candidates

Company trying to change image with the Public but still maintain core values of us verse them more of a PR espoused attempt at gaining acceptance by not GMO persons.