About Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Co

Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical sells farmers what they need to produce peanuts, which the company's subsidiaries then buy, process, and sell. Farm supplies offered by Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical include seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, crop protectants, and other agricultural chemicals. The company's Severn Peanut and Hampton Farms units maintain processing and roasting facilities in the peanut-growing regions of New Mexico and North Carolina, as well as in Massachusetts. Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical was founded by Garland Dallas "Mutt" Barnes Sr.

Meherrin Agricultural & Chemical Co

413 Main St
Severn, NC 27877
Phone: 1 (252) 585-1744
Fax: 1 (252) 585-1718


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Sales Representative: Jody Barkley
  • Director Of Sales & Marketin: Jim Davis
  • Information Technology Executive: Keith Ricks

Major Office Locations

  • Severn, NC

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