Albin Hagstrom & Son has plenty of fronds in cool places. The company grows more than 70 varieties of ferns and other greenery used in floral arrangements and ships products to customers throughout North America and Europe. Greenery is grown on 500 acres in Florida; the company also offers products from other areas of the US and international locations. Varieties of greenery provided by the company include curly willow, deer foot moss, sword fern, and umbrella palms, among others. Albin Hagstrom & Son is owned by the sons of Raiford Hagstrom Sr., who founded the company with his father, Albin, in 1928.

During possible freezing temperatures, the company's plants are grown under a type of shade cloth (called saran), the outside of which is automatically sprinkled with water, creating an insulating barrier of ice between the plants and possible freezing temperatures outside. At the same time, warm water is sprayed under the shade cloth, helping to keep the temperature up.

Albin Hagstrom & Son Inc

135 Hagstrom Rd
Pierson, FL 32180-2528
Phone: 1 (386) 749-2521
Fax: 1 (386) 749-9089


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Executive Officer: Sue Barrs
  • Manager Of Sales: Paul George
  • Sales Reps: Ivy King

Major Office Locations

  • Pierson, FL

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