About Zodiac US Corporation

Zodiac Aerospace has its eye on the sky. The company, formerly Groupe Zodiac, makes aerospace equipment -- mostly seats and cabin fittings -- for commercial aircraft, helicopters, and spacefaring vehicles. It operates through three main business areas: Aerosystems (safety features such as oxygen masks, slides, cabin lighting, and fuel management), Cabin (overhead bins, and lavatories), and Seats (passenger and technical seats). It also has a spare parts and maintenance division. With about three-quarters of its workforce based outside of France, Zodiac maintains production facilities near some of the largest aeronautics manufacturers in the world, particularly in North America and Europe. Aerospace company Safran acquired Zodiac for around $9 billion in February 2018.

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Zodiac US Corporation

1747 State Route 34
Wall Township, NJ 07727-3935
Phone: 1 (732) 681-3527


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Vice President: Mark Jeffers
  • Director Of Contracts: Michael Kantor
  • Vice President of Information Technology: Robert Schalhoub
  • Employees: 9,434

Major Office Locations

  • Wall Township, NJ