Though it has expertise in casting, you won't find Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) offering Hollywood stars any movie roles. The company is a maker of investment castings used in jet aircraft, satellite launches, armaments, and medical applications (prostheses). Its Investment Cast products segment makes jet engine parts, fluid management valves, and deep-hole boring tools. Forged Products and Fastener Products round out the company's three segments and cover the power generation and paper and pulp industries, as well as general industry. The cyclical aerospace sector accounts for more than half of PCC's sales, and customers have included noteworthy names like General Electric and Pratt & Whitney.


PCC's Forged Products segment works with such metals as titanium and steel alloys to manufacture components for commercial and military aircraft. Generating 44% of the company's sales, the lineup ranges from landing gear to wing structures and airframes, as well as piping for the energy market.

The Investment Cast products division (32% of sales) works with specialty materials and alloys, nickel- and cobalt-base alloys and stainless steel, to create large structural castings for such applications as aircraft engines, gas turbines, airfoils, and airframes. Other products from this segment include medical prostheses, artificial hips and knees, and components for pumps and compressors, as well as large titanium components for armament systems such as the BAE lightweight howitzer.

The Fasteners segment (24% of sales) produces specialty fasteners, and assemblies primarily for use in aerospace applications. Although the fastener segment shares a customer base with PCC's forged and cast product segments, the unit also manufactures parts used in the pulp and paper and power generation markets.

Financial Performance

PCC has gained considerable financial ground since the recession. It recognized sizable revenue and profit gains in 2011; and for 2012 it saw its revenue increase by 16% and its profits rise by almost 21%. The revenue increase was driven by a growth of 25% in the aerospace sector, specifically within its Investment Cast and Forged Products segments. The company was also helped by a 15% increase in US sales. The surge in profits was due to the increase in net sales which were impacted by higher external selling prices of nickel alloy from its Forged Products segment's three primary mills.


PCC is using acquisitions as a means to bolster sales. In mid-2013 it announced it was acquiring France-based Permaswage, a maker of aerospace fluid fittings, for $600 million. The deal will fortify PCC's product range of airplane components.

The company is also using acquisitions to jumpstart its Forged Products segment. Earlier in 2013 it purchased Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET), a fabricated titanium products provider, for $2.9 billion. PCC bought TIMET to streamline its supply chain and optimize its input costs by adding fabricated titanium products to its portfolio. PCC also acquired RathGibson, which makes tubing for the oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, power-generation, and other markets, in 2012.

To expand both its Fasteners and Forged Products segments, PCC acquired the aerostructures and industrial products businesses of Héroux-Devtek for about CAD$300 million (about $295.5 million) in 2012. Among other benefits, the acquisition expanded the company's product line for such OEMs as LockheedBombardier, and Gulfstream. PCC also inked a deal to purchase the Synchronous Aerospace Group business of private investment firm Littlejohn & Co. in late 2012.

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