About Cameron Berlin & Partners Inc

You might say this company is united behind the idea of making great ads. Berlin Cameron is a leading creative advertising agency in the US, offering ad development services for television, print, and interactive media, as well as services for campaign planning and management. The firm has worked for such clients as Nextel, Pfizer, and The Wall Street Journal. Founded in 1997, Berlin Cameron is the flagship agency of The United Network, one of the advertising networks of UK-based marketing services conglomerate WPP Group. Other units and agencies within the micro-network include Cole & Weber (based in Seattle), BTS (Oslo, Norway), and 1861 (Milan, Italy).

Good news came for Berlin Cameron in August 2009 when it landed creative duties for Amazon.com's advertising account. Previously, Amazon had relied more on paid search ads for its advertising.

WPP launched United (short for Voluntarily United Group of Creative Agencies) in 2005 with about 10 agencies that were formerly part of its Red Cell network. Red Cell, formed as a small, upstart network of creative agencies in 2001, grew through acquisitions into a sprawling collection of more than 30 offices worldwide. It failed to live up to its potential, however, due to the lack of a cohesive identity and unwieldy administration, and WPP unwound the unit after just four years.

Cameron Berlin & Partners Inc

3 Columbus Cir Fl 7
New York, NY 10019-8716
Phone: 1 (212) 824-2000
Fax: 1 (212) 268-8454


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • CEO: Ewen Cameron
  • Junior Planner: Ali Greenberg
  • Producer: David Won

Major Office Locations

  • New York, NY

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