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Great Place to Work

5.0 of 5 stars

February 2017 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


The staff and managers are great. The work is real. Hours are never off the wall for Tax. Flexible work schedule. Easy to take time off. Great culture. Treats people equally with respect. Great mentorship program. People are helpful and willing to train.


Benefits are expensive. 401k match is a joke. Pays less than similar firms in the area. Initial training is almost non-existent, but the people working at the firm will help you once you have work.


I agree that the firm has a shady recruiter. I don't know why that person works here because they do not seem to share the same values as the people who work here. I did not go through that recruiter to get hired. The original recruiter prior to this one was amazing and did reflect the firms values. When the managers try to hire people, the current recruiter seems to hinder the hiring process. We tend to lose good talent, and that seems to be a recruiter problem. We DO NOT have a problem retaining talent because our managers and staff all work well together, and the core people are very intelligent. Some day our firm will worry less about politics, and will replace the recruiter with one more in line with our values. Please DO NOT base our firm on what you see with the recruiter. This is an awesome place to work, and you will never see the recruiter again, once you work here. From what I have seen, the recruiter does not interview you, and you can bypass the recruiter if it is an issue.

The benefits of working her outweigh the downs, unless all you care about is a paycheck. If you have had a lot of jobs, especially in public accounting, you will appreciate working for this firm.

BPM - Better People Matter - I have my doubts and so should you

1.0 of 5 stars



Seemingly nice interview style with recruiter. Heard of such good treatment of worker and potential worker there.


The part about BPM = Better People Matter is an utter sham.

Lack of transparency and openness like you would never believe possible.


Be careful , extra careful if applying there.

Possibly the most distasteful and just downright strangeness of dealing with the recruiter there. Very sweet on the surface but just so incredibly lacking , I believe in respect to average working Americans.

I would urge caution as I was not treated with basic respect during the interview process.