How to Survive a Meeting as a Junior Associate

One of the things that really drew me to my first, Biglaw law firm was the setup of its impressive conference rooms....

Why You're Not Reaching Your Potential

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell is on mission to uncover the secrets to greatness; he's also on a mission to help us...

Dealing With Negative People at Work

In a continuously changing economy, the day-to-day dealings at work are stressful enough without negative people driving you...

How to Prevent Machines from Stealing Your Job

There's no denying that robots, artificial intelligence, algorithms, etc....

'Fit' Interviews: What to Keep in Mind

At a barbecue this past weekend, I ran into an acquaintance who has been trying to make the transition from academia to the...

Making a Clean Exit

When changing jobs, despite any temptation otherwise, you must make a congenial exit....

How to Recognize Managerial Qualities in Yourself

If you are fresh out of college, or even just starting a new career, you are probably thinking about how you want your career...

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