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Rose-Gaëlle Belinga

Q&A With Rose-Gaëlle Belinga, a Morgan Stanley Technology Associate

Rose-Gaëlle ("R-G") Belinga is a Technology Associate in the Global Expiry System group at Morgan Stanley....

wall street

50 Best Investment Banks to Work For in 2018

Today, we released our annual Vault Banking 50, a ranking of the best investment banks to work for in North America....

How Fast Should You Reply to Interview Questions Sent by Text?

Erika Nardini, an award-winning executive and unlikely CEO of bro-ish satirical sports blog Barstool Sports, likes to text...

Millennial male with feet up on desk in office

Are Millennials Changing Workplaces for the Better?

Whisper it, but we may finally have arrived at the point where the word "millennial" is fading as a term thrown out by...

Sneakers next to passion led us here sidewalk slogan

Why Wall Street is Losing Employees to Silicon Valley

Once the poster child for how to succeed in business, Wall Street has fallen on hard times recently—at least in terms of its...

The One Book to Read to Get Promoted

Jim Runde has worked for Morgan Stanley for 40 years, which makes him the longest-serving investment banker at a single Wall...

50 Best Investment Banks to Work For

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