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How to Answer the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Interview Question

One of the more common interview questions you will receive is: "Tell me about yourself....

Man at laptop doing Skype interview in sunny room

5 Essential Tips for Video and Skype Interviews

Many employers and recruiters now use video interviews....

Man pondering weakness interview question

How to Turn Down an Offer When You’ve Accepted Another

Turning down a job offer is never easy....

Action Items

Eight Critical Action Items before Picking a Law Firm

Even for a student in the throes of it, the fall recruitment process seems like an odd exercise....

21 Questions to Ask During a Legal Job Interview

Landing an interview, dressing to impress, and confidently answering interview questions are only part of the equation of a...

He killed his interview because he read this post

Nailing the Lateral Job Interview

Lateral interviews are inherently tricky, especially the first one....

He killed his interview because he read this post

20 Interview Questions Top Law Firms Ask

It’s law firm recruiting season again, law students are furiously googling to try to figure out what questions they’ll be...

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