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The Number-One Rule for Cover Letters

Okay look-resumés are great. When done right, they're clean, concise, and well organized....

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8 Tips for Writing a Commanding Cover Letter Opening

Some would argue that it's easier to write a novel than it is to craft an effective cover letter opening....

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This Cover Letter Trick Will Make Recruiters Read to the End

When you get the chance to submit a cover letter for the perfect job opportunity, you want your letter to stand out....

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How to Contact an Employer for the First Time

Job searches almost always have some element of stress, but when you're sending cold emails to companies you've never...


5 Job Search Trends for 2018

To land the roles you want and keep advancing your career, you need to know and stay ahead of the trends in hiring....

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How to Write a Resume Like Hemingway

Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway earned fame for writing short, declarative sentences....

Should You Write Thank You Letters After Rejections?

Your interview went well and you did everything correctly, but you still received that letter or phone call stating that you...

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