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3 Tips for Dealing with Work Emails on Vacation

Gone are the days when going on vacation means you're unreachable....

man working in dark coffee shop

4 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

With the holiday festivities behind us, most of us are heading back to work and tackling new career challenges....

A Working Vacation

Can Lawyers Really Take Vacation?

Everyone needs a break now and then. But do attorneys actually get to take them?...

Girl at airport on her phone and laptop

The Out-of-Office Email You Should Be Using

A holiday weekend often presents the perfect opportunity to take a longer vacation, by extending it a few days....

How to Prepare for Returning to Work After a Vacation

The holiday season is here, which means the office is going to seem empty over the next week or two....

Friends at a vineyard in the summer

10 Companies with the Best Summer Perks

Find out which companies let you surf during lunch, drink freshly brewed beer at your desk, and stay in its beach house on...

5 Tips for Enjoying Your Vacation from Work

This week, I will be going on a short vacation with the family for the first time since starting my new job, and it got me...

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